Like "vélos bleus". there are around 60 stations and 200 cars. To subscribe there is only one condition : to have a valid driving license. No age limit.

Four kinds of cars are available : Renault Zoe,  Peugeot iOn, some small utility vehicles Citroën and some Mia. 3 to 5 seats, but for the utilities with 2 seats only.

What is it?

Autobleu is a self service car rental service. Cars are available at any time, every day.

There are two ways to rent a car :

  • flex
    You can hire the car somewhere and return it somewhere else. the hourly rate is higher (0,30€/mn, soit 18€/h) but you can return it sooner. You can't book a car. As it is not sure that you'll find a parking space at the station when you return your car, you may return it anywhere closer than 150m from a station. The car will tell you where. Then it will use its GPS to know where it is and call the central server to let it know. The next driver will be notified by a phone app. If you return it to a station and pug it to reload it, you benefit from a discount.
  • zen
    You have to return the car at the station where you hired it. the hourly rate is lower and you can book the car in advance. (8,50€/h)

For zen there are serveral "arrangements". For exemple if you keep the car for one day (maxi 14h) and hire it between 5 am and 3pm, 45€. In the evening, it you hire the car between 7 and 11pm, you can get 6 hours for 21€.

If you use auto bleu very often, the zen rate drops from 8,50€ to 5€ and flex from 30 to 20cts/mn. But you have to commit yourself to use autobleu several hours a month.

To know more about the rates and the discounts for students, click here. To know more about the differences between the zen and flex hirings and see the plans with the corresponding stations click here.

To subscribe

The subscription usually costs 26€ for a year. If you're less than 26 you get several discounts : 1€ for a one year subscription instead of 26€, 10Ù on the rentals.

You can subscribe here on line. Unfortunately, you have to choose from the begining if you want to rent cars using zen or flex. We don't understand why since it would be so much more convinient to choose when ou rent the car.
You will need a driving license, an ID, your cell phone, a valid email adress and of course you credit card.

You can also subscribe by mail thanks to this form.

Here is the offical auto bleue web site.

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