If you don't speak French, what you should be looking for is the "V.O." films. V.O. stands for "version originale", meaning the original soundtrack. The language is the original one and there are French subtitles. Other films (V.F., French soundtrack) are dubbed in French and you will not understand the lines. 

In France new films are released on wednesdays.

There are several movie theaters in the central district :

  • Rialto
    4 rue de Rivoli, not far from the Négresco.
  • Pathé Massena
    31 avenue Jean médecin, in front of Nice Etoile
  • Pathé Paris
    54 av J. Médecin, 100m away from the previous one, on the opposite side of the street
  • Variété
    5 Bvd Victor Hugo, 100m away from Nice Etoile

To see their programs.

Theses theaters offer the last blockbusters, the latest films... Most of them are dubbed. Now and then you'll be able to see a film with the original language, once a day, for a few films only.

There are two other theaters offering older films, almost always with their original language.

  • Le Mercury
    16 Garibaldi square
    Films are shown only a very limited number of time and therefore the program changes every day.
  • La cinémathèque
    3 esp. Kennedy
    It is located on the Acropolis congress center ground floor. You need a one year subscription (2€) to enter and the rate is then 2,50€ per film. You'll see the films in very good conditions, in a large and comfortable room, with a good sound.
    the main drawback of the cinematheque is that itis closed all summer long and even lately during 4 monthes in a row. The program also changes from day to day and you can see it on the internet or get a leaflet for the month at the cinematheque.

Out of town there is a Pathe cinema in the shopping center Lingostiere. You'll need a car to go there, it is 15km away from the city center. (Zoom out 3 times to see it on the map.) It is locatedin the Var river valley along the 202 road, the "Boulevard du Mercantour".

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