The most notable features of the town are its walls and the breathtaking view they offer on the Sea and the mountains. It also has a cape with billionnairs' houses. If you come from Nice you will find here the first sand beach, the Salis one, a few minutes walk away from the city walls.

Antibes was a Greek trading post more than 2000 years ago : Antipolis.

Juan les Pins is a district of Antibes, West of the Cape, with an intense night life. There is a specific train station there.

Going to Antibes

By car the highway exit is far from the city center and the road going linking them is jammed at certain hours because it is used by people working in Sophia Antipolis to commute to and from Antibes, and by Antibes inhabitants to go to the large shopping mall near the highway's exit.

Beside the highway, to come from Nice you can use the seaside road or the N7. Rather choose the Bord de Mer road (Seaside road)  which will offer great views between the Villeneuve Loubet Marina and Antibes. Also, there are fewer traffic lights.

Unlike the other cities (Cannes, Nice, Monaco...) in the area, the train station is not in the center and you have to walk 15mn to go downtown.

By bus expect at least 1h from Nice using the 200 line.



In Antibes is one of the most famous hotels on the Riviera where all the celebrities (Churchill...) who came around here stayed : le Grand Hotel du Cap.

If in your opinion the rates are too high, use this link to find an accomodation in Antibes or at least get an idea of the rates and availabilities. Staying in Antibes can be interesting if you go to Cannes to attend a festival and there are no rooms left there. By train it's only a 15mn ride.

There are several campings in Antibes. They are located North of the city and the closest train station is Biot, not Antibes.


The large commercial center in Antibes is right next to the highway exit. There are of course other shops downtown, and markets. Among others a market in the Old Town.


Antibes has several places worth a visit.

  • Promenade Amiral de Grasse
    Do not miss the walk on the city walls. You will see an incredible landscape with the Bay of Angels in the foreground, including Nice and its hills, and in the background the 3000m high mountains (snow-covered in winter).
  • The billionaires pier
    North of the old city is the harbour. What makes it different from other harbours in the area is this pier, especially built to harbour the largest yachts in the World. Going there will enable you to dream or envy in front of these monsters, sometimes more than 100m long.
  • Le Cap d'Antibes
    This is the most exclusive place on the Riviera. Incredible villas, huge private parks... You will see nothing of this, everything is hidden behind high walls.
    Climb the Garoupe hill nonetheless. It will offer a wonderful view on the Sea, the mountains and the old town. The lighthouse is still in service and can be seen from more than 50km away. There is also a little chapel. Unlike the Cape Ferrat, there is no trail here around the Cape.
  • Le Musée Picasso
    It is housed by the Castle overlooking the Old City, next to the walls. Picasso worked there and left a few paintings and drawings. The collection is not as rich as the Paris museum but it will please and interest you if you like this artist.
  • Le fort Carré
    It's a fort which was re-designed by Vauban, a famous french engineer and architect in the XVII th century. It is located North of the harbour. Remember that then, Nice was in Italy and that this fort controlled therefore the border, overlooking the Bay of Angels. It is worth a visit if you have never seen such a fort, and also for the great view from its terrace.
  • Beaches
    North of the city, that's pebbles. South (the tiny Salis Beach) and on the Juan les Pins side, that's sand.

Check the tourist office agenda to know what is planned when you stay there. Antibes also has a movie theater (the "Casino") 6 avenue du 24 aout and stage theaters : the Marguerite one, the Anthéa and the Antibea.


Marineland : not to go.

In Antibes you're likely to see ads for the Marineland show. If you consider attending it, read this article first and then please, change your mind and don't go.

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