It avoids all villages between Nice and La Turbie and offers great panoramas on Nice, St Jean Cap Ferrat, the Cape Martin and Monaco Monte-Carlo. It leads to the Nice observatory, the old village of Roquebrune with its medieval castle and la Turbie with its Roman August's trophy.

This road was built on an order of Napoleon. The highest point is more than 500m (1700ft) high, a little after the Eze's pass, where often ends the famous cycling race Paris - Nice. Not far from there, Non loin de là, (labelled 3036 avenue des Diables Bleus on the map below), Pical, a place where the Pope Pie VII halted on his way to Notre Dame de Paris when he came to crown Napoleon.

At the Eze's pass cross road you have on your right (if you come from Nice) a road going to Eze village and the Moyenne Corniche. On the opposite side, a narrow road climbs further (stay on the right in the hairpin bend to keep going up) until the Revere fort, 700m  (2350ft) high. The panorama*** is great with Nice, the Sea, the Italian Coast, Corsica when weather permits and North, all the Maritim Alps as far as the National Park of the Mercantour's mountains. You just have to walk a few meters to see the differents points of view. Make the detour, it's worth it. The fort can't be visited. While climbing, a few hundred meters before the fort you'll see on your left the Astrorama, a former annex of the fort, now turned into a place where astonomical animations take place. Further, just before the parking lot, on the right hand, the training center for guide dogs for blind people.
This road is a dead-end. Beyond the fort it meets again the High Corniche 1km before la Turbie but becomes a fairly bad track. Simply back track to reach again the High Corniche, it'll be easier.

From la Turbie, a road goes to  Monaco Monte-Carlo (the road where Grace Kelly had her fatal accident). The High Corniche goes further towards the old village of Roquebrune and left a road goes to Peille and several villages of the Menton inland (Sainte Agnes..). It is very picturesque but also very narrow.

The road meets the Low Corniche a little before the Cape Martin.

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